Marmalade with logo

Marmalade with logo

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Reference 1.2.005
Type of packaging flow-pack
Weight 11 g
Taste fruit mix
Size 66 х 45 mm
Print options full color
Package 100% recyclable foil
Lead time 7 days
Shelf life 10 months
Design free layout design based on your materials
MOQ 500 pcs

Marmalade with logo is bought by various organizations as a sweet addition to corporate gifts. Also, the reception area is an invariable place for this candy, where office visitors can enjoy branded Marmalade with logo while waiting their turn. 

If you plan an exhibition or an advertising campaign, you can hand out bespoke marmalade to visitors with invitations, postcards, and product samples. Marmalade with a cafe or restaurant logo will please the visitor if served with warm or cold drinks.

We have a fantastic personalization approach and offer full-color printing of your advertising — a company logo, website, or contact information. The flow pack is the best packaging option made of 100% recyclable monofoil. 

Marmalade with logo has a pleasant fruit mix taste and is a perfect alternative to chocolate candies.



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Nordic countries: Finland, Sweden, Denmark
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Central Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, Germany
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Delivery time: 2-5 days
Southern, Western Europe and Benelux countries: Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands
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Delivery time: 5-7 days
United Kingdom
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