Custom Chocolate With Logo 

Chocolate heart with logo 5 g
Taste: milk 32%
Size: 30х26х10 mm
Lead time: 7 days
0,25 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,15 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Chocolate with logo 5 g
Taste: milk 32%
Size: 34 х 34 х 5 mm
Lead time: 7 days
0,23 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,14 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
new new Chocolate "Checkers" with logo
Taste: dark 50%
Size: 30х8 mm
Lead time: 7 days
0,26 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,16 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Chocolate heart with logo 7 g
Taste: milk 28%
Size: 31х29х12 mm
Lead time: 7 days
0,26 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,16 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Chocolate with logo 10 g
Taste: milk 32%
Size: 68 х 34 х 5 mm
Lead time: 7 days
0,69 €/pcs. from 100 pcs.
0,24 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Chocolate stick with logo 10 g
Taste: dark 52%
Size: 53 х 15 х 14 mm
Lead time: 7 days
0,99 €/pcs. from 100 pcs.
0,29 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Chocolate with filling 12,5 g
Taste: milk chocolate with milk filling
Size: 77 х 19 х 9 mm
Lead time: 7 days
1,22 €/pcs. from 100 pcs.
0,43 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
new Chocolate bar 20 g
Taste: milk 32%
Size: 115 х 50 х 7 mm
Lead time: 7 days
1,02 €/pcs. from 100 pcs.
0,00 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
new new Chocolate bar "Envelope" 20 g
Taste: milk 32%
Size: 115 х 55 х 8 mm
Lead time: 14 days
1,52 €/pcs. from 100 pcs.
0,46 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
new new Chocolate bar "Mountains"
Taste: milk chocolate with almond nougat pieces with honey
Size: 190 х 42 х 20 mm
Lead time: 14 days
5,98 €/pcs. from 50 pcs.
2,09 €/pcs. from 2000 pcs.
new Chocolate bar "Square" 100 g
Taste: milk 32%
Size: 100 х 100 х 15 mm
Lead time: 14 days
6,50 €/pcs. from 50 pcs.
2,04 €/pcs. from 2000 pcs.
Chocolate bar 100 g
Taste: milk, dark
Size: 185 х 90 х 10 mm
Lead time: 14 days
5,11 €/pcs. from 50 pcs.
2,29 €/pcs. from 2000 pcs.
Chocolate bar "Box" 100 g
Taste: milk, dark
Size: 185 х 90 х 10 mm
Lead time: 14 days
6,71 €/pcs. from 50 pcs.
2,31 €/pcs. from 2000 pcs.
Chocolate with logo 25 g
Taste: milk, dark
Size: 148х47х5 mm
Lead time: 2-3 weeks
0,80 €/pcs. from 3000 pcs.
0,69 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
We offer more than 300 types of corporate gifts
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More than 15,000 projects completed in more than 10 years
Deliver all over Europe
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Custom chocolate with logo on wrapper masterfully promotes a company, product, or service to potential clients. They are often free and offered to office visitors during trade shows, conferences, and whatever the promotional campaign. Featuring your logo, the customized corporate sweets positively link your company or the service you provide with tasty moments.

Here are the ideas on how to use personalised chocolate gifts to promote and maintain the authority of the company:

  • Chocolate gifts for employees and partners strengthen the corporate spirit and increase productivity.

  • A beautifully decorated personalized box of chocolates for notable clients on state and professional holidays will strengthen your position in their eyes.

  • A postcard with a chocolate bar logo is an original budget solution to the main gift.

  • An original business card — the clients will eat the chocolate, but they will never forget the name of your company that delivered so much pleasure.

Sweet souvenirs at the reception desk, in the rest area, or at the cash desk catch the audience's attention.

Benefits of Personalized Chocolate Bars

A sweet chocolate with logo printed on a bright wrapper and accompanied by beautiful wishes raises the mood and causes a smile. Of course, any occasion is exceptional, and with some extra effort, you can find a way to the heart of any client or business partner, ensuring your brand's longevity in the market.

We bring to your attention the main reasons for purchasing corporate sweets for any office or more global events, as indicated by our regular customers:


Not all advertising products can complement the advertising campaign of a particular brand, product, or service. But custom branded sweets are suitable for any business. It is always tricky for buyers to say "no" when offered something sweet.

Wide Choice

Branded sweets are customized chocolate bars, chewing gums, pralines, nuts, and jellies. Do you miss the retro sweets of your childhood or need any other thematic gift for a special occasion? - A wide selection of treats can be customized to your brand.


Packaging for candy or other sweets can be designed to match the style and color scheme of the company. You can apply a logo and any additional information, such as contacts, QR code, and slogan.

Popular Types of Chocolate with Logo

You can't think of a better gift than chocolate. And we are talking about the most delicate chocolate of the highest quality, beautifully packaged with your logo on the wrapper. This will be the best option for an original business card, encouragement, reminder, and a surprise for customers and partners.

Everyone loves chocolate, and a gift made of personalized chocolate bars will suit everyone. Even if you know nothing about the recipient's preferences, you can easily choose from our assortment or assemble chocolate gift boxes from individual items that will delight every gourmet. We at Stelvi produce sweet souvenirs using only natural ingredients. Here is a list of the most popular treats our clients adore:

  • Chocolate sticks and bars (10, 15, 20, 25 g).

  • Chocolate bars "Squares" (100 g).

  • Chocolates with filling (12.5 g).

  • Chocolate hearts (5 g).

  • Neapolitan chocolate with logo (5 g).

  • Chocolate checkers.

Applying the company logo, inscription, or photo on the chocolate bar seems the luckiest advantage. This is an option for corporate gifts, business meetings, and presentations. You can also put an image or a wish on the chocolate to remind guests about your company, service, or event. A chocolate bar can also be supplemented with delicious candies. Tastes and fillings are different, with or without nuts, with dried fruits or pralines.

Personalization Options for Custom Chocolate Bars

Delicious custom chocolate bars with company logo, made of high-quality chocolate, packed in elegant boxes of stylish designer cardboard, wrapped in gold or silver foil, will delight customers and business partners.

These sweets' distinctive features are the short production and packaging personalization. If you need to come up with an atmospheric gift for Christmas, choose any of the free Christmas templates on the web, and we will complement it with a personal congratulation, your logo, and carefully wrap the chosen sweet gift in a unique package. Shortly, we will help you turn the packaging into a real masterpiece, which will 100% help you earn trust and increase sales.

An extensive choice of sweets and the possibility of choosing them to the client's taste and preferences allow you to create candy boxes according to the constructor principle. You can create a unique product suitable for you. The wholesale private label chocolates will be a great chance to purchase many branded sweets at a competitive price.

Personalised Chocolate Bars from the Stelvi Manufacturer

Stelvi Company is a workshop that makes all your treat ideas come true. Logos and corporate images are developed and applied according to unique design projects. Each layout is presented to the customer only after approval is sent for creation. You can choose among various purchase options: an exclusive product or a run of products.

How do you benefit from working with Stelvi?

  • Since 2012, our company has offered original corporate gifts, many unique in Europe.

  • Many European companies entrusted us with improving their positive image and promoting customer loyalty.

  • Individual work with each client.

  • No harmful additives.

  • A low minimum order quantity on most items.

  • A large-scale production allows the production and delivery of chocolate with a company logo to Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Exclusive chocolate bars with company logo are a unique marketing tool. It has an absolute advantage compared to business cards or advertising banners. If you are ready to use one of the numerous benefits of custom sweets and chocolates for your business relations and partnership — call us, and we will help you spread a little love in the office!

We know how to make your delicious advertising even better!


What is the production lead time for chocolate with a logo?

Standard lead time is, on average, 7 to 14 days. We understand our client's situation and are ready to discuss any reasonable terms. Contact the manager, and we will try to help you.

Can a QR code and contact information be placed on the back of a Neapolitan chocolate?

You won’t have any trouble with this. We do full-color wrapper printing and always recommend adding contact information on the back to enhance the advertising effect.

Can I get samples of your products for tasting before ordering?

We can prepare samples of our products so that you can choose a taste that exemplifies your brand identity. We will help you to find the perfect option.

Do you have mini chocolates (Neapolitans) without added milk?

Sure. We produce dark chocolate 70% for Neapolitans without adding dairy products.