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Hard candy "Malibu" with logo
Taste: caramel mix with strawberry yogurt, peach yogurt and cherry yogurt flavors
Size: 52 х 44 mm
Lead time: 7-10 days
0,26 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,16 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Chocolate bar 100 g
Taste: milk
Size: 185 х 90 х 10 mm
Lead time: 7-10 days
5,42 €/pcs. from 50 pcs.
2,49 €/pcs. from 2000 pcs.
Christmas tube mini
Taste: crispy almonds in Ruby chocolate and blackcurrant
Size: h 100 mm, d 80 mm
Lead time: 10-14 days
0,50 €/pcs. from 50 pcs.
0,50 €/pcs. from 2000 pcs.
Chocolate Hearts gift box 65 g
Taste: milk
Size: 123 х 123 х 15 mm
Lead time: 10-14 days
8,67 €/pcs. from 50 pcs.
2,42 €/pcs. from 2000 pcs.
Lollipop "Heart" with logo
Taste: strawberry
Size: 64х100х5 mm
Lead time: 10-14 days
0,42 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,26 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Chocolate set "Cube" 150 g
Taste: milk, dark
Size: 90 х 94 х 62 mm
Lead time: 10-14 days
12,52 €/pcs. from 50 pcs.
5,89 €/pcs. from 2000 pcs.
Chocolate heart with logo 7 g
Taste: milk
Size: 31х29х12 mm
Lead time: 7-10 days
0,28 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,17 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Chocolate set "Envelope" 30 g
Taste: milk, dark
Size: 100 х 65 х 8 mm
Lead time: 10-14 days
5,16 €/pcs. from 50 pcs.
1,75 €/pcs. from 2000 pcs.
Jelly candy with logo
Taste: fruit mix
Size: 66 х 45 mm
Lead time: 7-10 days
0,37 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,21 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Hard candy "Citrus Mix" with logo
Taste: citrus mix: orange, lemon, grapefruit
Size: 52 х 44 mm
Lead time: 7-10 days
0,26 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,16 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.

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Stelvi — Custom Corporate Sweets

Buy Branded sweets at delicious prices and in any quantity!

Souvenirs with a logo are a great way to maintain your company’s image and create your brand. You can be sure that custom chocolate boxes and sweets will attract the attention of the company's employees and business partners. Edible souvenirs with branded symbols sometimes work better than a business card or advertisement, which is necessary for business promotion.

Take your chance to master your corporate treat: choose the sweets (chocolate, caramel, aromatic tea), stuffing (nuts, cream, or pure base), the wrapper, or the entire packaging. Turn on your imagination, and Stelvi specialists will help you turn your sweet ideas into private label chocolate of exceptional quality.

Stelvi Custom Chocolate and Sweets — Perfect Combination of Taste, Style, and Service

What can we do for you?

We create branded sweets so you can share your emotions with those who matter to your business. We work to make your cooperation easy and enjoyable. We do our best to ensure customer care is your only concern for corporate gifts.

Are branded sweets a good idea?

If the gift is not original and useless — it is a failure. No matter how much it costs! The main advantage of corporate sweets is the presence of recognizable brand symbols. It can be a printed logo, company name, or design in traditional colors. Such a move is necessary to increase the company’s awareness and public loyalty. Branding also helps to strengthen team spirit and improve efficiency.

Why Choose Stelvi Custom Sweets as a Corporate Present?

Why should you choose us as a corporate partner? Sweet-loving colleagues and partners will love unique collections of Christmas sweet gifts and festive confectionery sets by Stelvi! Every day we improve to anticipate your expectations and generate more sweet ideas!


  • We fulfill urgent orders in 3-5 days without losing quality.

  • We do not use preservatives, emulsifiers, or flavor enhancers.

  • We work with proven fresh farm product suppliers with quality certificates.

  • All materials and printing goods are checked and tested. Storage conditions are observed.


  • We develop unique concepts for each customer, so you will not find ready-made or similar options.

  • We are interested in the successful projects of our customers, and we always select personalised sweets based on the needs and requirements of the client.


  • We announce the actual price, which remains the same in ordering.

  • We work officially and give guarantees for all types of sweet sets.


Our team members are professionals in the field of creating branded treats and have extensive experience in the following spheres:

  • BTL-advertising.

  • Development and design.

  • Packaging, design, and decoration of sweets.

  • Development of new tastes and recipes.

Experienced specialists will offer several options of sweet sets and tastes. Make our promotional sweets the best of your advertising!

Welcome to Stelvi Custom Sweets! Meet Our Shop!

We are a team of inspired enthusiasts who know and love their work. We know that investing 100% in what you create gives you a genuinely invaluable result. By creating new chocolate tastes or mint stuffing under the Stelvi brand, our custom sweets will provide you with bright emotions and make your day brighter, happier, and kinder.

Our company employs experienced confectioners who can create unique delicacies. Stelvi treats have a VERY IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE: you can be sure that you get the highest quality and freshest product when ordering from us, whether it be a chocolate bar, a box of sweets, or a custom chewing gum!

It’s Incredible How We Do That!

  • Use only high-quality ingredients (real Belgian chocolate, natural, and premium stuffing).

  • Lack of preservatives, stabilizers, and flavor enhancers.

  • Take original recipes from the best European confectioners.

The Stelvi team was created by enthusiastic people who want to help you avoid banal surprises. We are engaged in creating delicious and unusual gifts with your corporate logo that are sure to please everyone.