Custom Sweets With Logo 

Chocolate-waffle candy with logo
Taste: wafers with cream-chocolate filling in chocolate
Size: 32 х 30 х 18 mm
Lead time: 10 days
0,51 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,34 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Chocolate candy "Rocher" with logo
Taste: milk chocolate candies with cream filling and whole hazelnuts
Size: 30 х 22 х 16 mm
Lead time: 7 days
0,40 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,27 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Fudge with logo
Taste: soft fudge
Size: 75 х 20 х 15 mm
Lead time: 14 days
0,34 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,20 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Chocolate hazelnut candy with logo
Taste: milk chocolate with praline and whole hazelnuts
Size: 29х21 mm
Lead time: 7 days
0,41 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,30 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Chocolate candy "Elucreme" with logo
Taste: chocolate fondant with hazelnut cream
Size: 28 х 28 х 12 mm
Lead time: 7 days
0,46 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,33 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Chocolate candy "Chocolata" with logo
Taste: milk chocolates filled with hazelnut, cappuccino, coffee and cocoa cream
Size: 30 х 22 х 16 mm
Lead time: 7 days
0,38 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,25 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Nuts in chocolate with logo
Taste: almonds with sugar coating
Size: 66 х 45 mm
Lead time: 7 days
0,26 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,15 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Truffle with logo
Taste: french truffle in premium chocolate
Size: 35 х 35 х 30 mm
Lead time: 10 days
0,82 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,53 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Jelly candy "Gummy bear" with logo
Taste: fruit mix
Size: 53 х 60 х 5 mm
Lead time: 14 days
0,31 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,16 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
We offer more than 300 types of corporate gifts
Unique full-cycle production machines for the best quality control
More than 15,000 projects completed in more than 10 years
Deliver all over Europe
Use only reliable carriers for delivering your order

We offer advertising that can be eaten!

Mini chocolates, marmalades, jellies, fizzy sweets, and chocolate sets are great ways to place the company logo, details, and slogan on an original advertising medium. Promotional sweets with logos are non-standard marketing solutions for your company.

Personalised sweets favours perfect for all occasions and are designed to form a positive attitude toward the brand image. Your clients and partners will associate you with the pleasant taste of chocolate.

Stelvi Company offers to all customers:

  • Change banal business cards to a new marketing tool — personalized sweets gifts.

  • Distribute branded sweets for different advertising purposes.

  • Demonstrate the creativity that is valued in modern advertising.

  • Full customization.

  • Provide private labeling for many companies. We work with our customers to design wholesale private label chocolates shapes and flavors to fit your brand’s vision.

Popular Types of Promotional Sweets

Developing an idea for an original gift for employees is becoming increasingly challenging. At Stelvi, we create unusual, delicious, and, most importantly, unique sweet corporate facilities in the form of marmalade, chocolate candies with various fillings, retro sweets, jelly bears, and pralines. What to choose? 94% OF PEOPLE LOVE CHOCOLATE, making it one of the best communication tools with customers, partners, and employees.

Chocolate with nuts is more practical than ordinary chocolate since nuts contain vitamins, minerals, microelements, and proteins vital for the body. The tastiest chocolate is the one that includes hazelnuts, almonds, and cashews. Our clients adore:

  • Chocolate candy "Chocolata" with logo.

  • Chocolate candy "Rocher" with logo.

  • Chocolate hazelnut candy with logo.

  • Marmalade in chocolate with logo.

  • Nuts in chocolate with logo.

In addition, the sweet tooth will like jelly bears with fruity flavors, love heart sweets, raspberry marmalade, toffee, and the most delicate nutty praline. We are trying for you and want personalized individual sweets with your logo to bring pleasure and sweet moments!

Personalization Options for Individual Sweets

Are you having trouble choosing a present? Exquisite chocolate is an ideal option for a unique audience. You can choose from handmade chocolates with original flavors and make an order in one click specifying the number of pieces.

How about choosing among the custom sweets with logos for business sets — from 1-2 chocolates as a complement to exquisite boxes for 20 or more chocolate bars? You can create a unique package with sweet content according to your wishes or your partner's likes.

Packaging for candy or other sweets can be designed to match the style and color scheme of the company. The company's customers, partners, and employees will appreciate personalized sweets with photos. You can also apply a logo, a QR code, and additional information, such as contacts, location, or a company slogan.

Benefits of Personalized Sweets Gifts

Why are personalized sets the best custom corporate gifts? The best benefit is that you can customize them according to your preference, no matter what reason you come up with. Use any Christmas card template you like, add your wishes and company logo, and add a few touches like Santa, snowflakes, polar bears, and candy canes to illustrate holiday scenes and add festive spirit. Beautiful holiday packaging for sweets is ready! Most importantly, you receive a unique product created specifically for your requirements.

Here are a few more reasons why our clients choose to customize sweets and give them for any occasion at their company:

  • Guaranteed WOW effect upon receipt. Specially selected packaging, unique taste, and appearance will have the desired effect.

  • You can choose the size of the candies and boxes. Do not limit yourself to the choice of shape and size — your set can be original and beautifully designed.

  • Diverse assortment and abundance of taste. The most delicious and healthy combinations are assorted nuts or fruits with nuts in chocolate! This mega sweets personalized gift will appeal to children and adults of any age!

  • An original gift that will be remembered. Pens, notebooks, mugs, bags — everyone is tired. Personalized individual sweets will be eaten and remembered.

Don't leave any chance to your competitors. Show that you are creative, caring, attractive, and sweet, and touch them emotionally!

Personalised Sweets from the Stelvi Manufacturer

Stelvi Company has been engaged in the production of branded sweets since 2012. Over the years, our company has developed a unique technology for producing custom sweets and individual packaging. We are ready to offer you the following:

  • Own production. Many of the treats we create are unique in Europe.

  • Very low minimum MOQs on most items. Feel free to order as many treats as you need.

  • A flexible system of discounts depending on the size of the order. Buy chocolates, candies, and rock sweets cheap and get the best deals at the lowest prices on Stelvi!

  • Own design workshop, availability of author's designs.

  • Fast production (from 7 days). We don't make our clients wait!

  • A large-scale production allows the making and delivering many sweet gifts to Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania.

In addition, we strictly adhere to our commitments and give a quality guarantee. We fulfill the order at the appointed time.

Sweet gifts can help you stand out from your competitors and give you an edge when people choose whom they want to deal with. You can take the upper hand and make a lasting impression by offering unique and personalized treats. Stelvi is ready to realize any of your sweetest fantasies!


Do you have candies with whole nuts?

We advise you to pay attention to Rocher and Chocolate hazelnut candy — our bestsellers. Both are great individually and become an exquisite confection you can't resist.

Do you have chocolates with different fillings?

We recommend paying attention to Chocolata candies, which come with four different fillings: hazelnut, cappuccino, coffee, and cocoa cream.

We want to order sweets with our logo for a kid's club. Do you have chocolate-free options?

Yes, we have chocolate-free candies. Consider the following options: Fudge, Marmalade, and Gummy bear jelly candies.

Is it possible to order 3000 chocolates with 3 different designs?

This is possible, but the price, in this case, will be the same as for 1000 pieces. Prices on the website are based on one design layout per order.