Personalized Candies with Logo 

Hard candy "Juice" with logo
Taste: fruit mix, barberry, menthol
Size: 52 х 44 mm
Lead time: 7-10 days
0,26 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,16 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Hard candy "Citrus Mix" with logo
Taste: citrus mix: orange, lemon, grapefruit
Size: 52 х 44 mm
Lead time: 7-10 days
0,26 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,16 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Hard candy "Malibu" with logo
Taste: caramel mix with strawberry yogurt, peach yogurt and cherry yogurt flavors
Size: 52 х 44 mm
Lead time: 7-10 days
0,26 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,16 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Lollipop "Heart" with logo
Taste: strawberry
Size: 64х100х5 mm
Lead time: 10-14 days
0,42 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,26 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Dextrose candy with logo
Taste: mix of raspberry, orange, black currant
Size: 52 х 44 mm
Lead time: 7-10 days
0,27 €/pcs. from 500 pcs.
0,16 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Hard candy with logo
Taste: fruit mix, apple, cherry, orange,lemon
Size: 55х30х12 mm
Lead time: 2-3 weeks
0,31 €/pcs. from 3000 pcs.
0,12 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
Hard candy with logo (twist)
Taste: fruit mix, apple, cherry, orange,lemon
Size: 60х20х12 mm
Lead time: 2-3 weeks
0,32 €/pcs. from 3000 pcs.
0,12 €/pcs. from 20000 pcs.
We offer more than 300 types of corporate gifts
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More than 15,000 projects completed in more than 10 years
Deliver all over Europe
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Candies with logos at the reception desk or in the meeting room have already become a sign of good manners in business. These personalized candy gifts are inexpensive and effective as advertising! How can corporate sweets advertise your business?

  • Hard candies in the vase will help to hide awkward silence when a business conversation with partners has stalled.

  • Bespoke candies with a logo will support your client in the meeting room while he waits for the negotiation process.

  • It is good manners to serve personalised chocolate bars with a cup of coffee in a cafe or restaurant as a compliment.

  • Branded candies are a tasty and cheap medium for advertising, which guests of your office or exhibition will take with them.

And if a particularly sweet-loving visitor takes a handful of lollipops decorated with your company logo, this is even better! Treating his friends, he will tell them about your company's hospitality!

Types of Personalized Bespoke Candies

The uniqueness of Stelvi Company lies in the wide choice of branded products and the lowest minimum order quantity, whether personalised love hearts sweets, Tic Tac or Lollipops. You can choose the right product based on your preferences and don't care if you need 500 or 20,000 personalized candies. Thus, the client will easily find the right option for the office:

  • Personalized hard candy with logo in flow pack or twist wrap packaging.

  • Hard candy “Malibu” with logo.

  • Dragee “Tic Tac” with logo.

  • Dextrose sugar with logo — a bright option for promotions, corporate holidays, and other mass events.

  • Delicious and cute lollipops with logo.

  • Personalized candy with a photo as a gift to a partner or employee.

Personalization Options for Personalized Rock Candy

Any form and packaging are possible — the usual twist or everyone’s favorite flow-pack, cute cardboard boxes, envelopes, or practical plastic jars. The good thing about hard candies is that they look equally good in a meeting room and as a gift to a partner, mixed and wrapped in a personalized box. We will make business information on candy wrappers exciting and 100% attention-grabbing.


Stelvi offers full-color printing on packaging. We can release a mini-batch with an exclusive design with a logo and in your company's corporate colors. You only need to send us a corporate sign, motto, and other information you want to place on your custom candy with a logo. We make a layout for free!


We can guarantee that the candy's wrapper and taste will work for your company's image. You can choose classic flavors or order sweets in bulk in large quantities with different flavors. A wide range will allow you to select caramels for every taste:

  • Classic mint.

  • Lemon.

  • Grapefruit.

  • Apple.

  • Cherry.

  • Orange.

  • Creamy fruit taste.

  • Assorted flavors of your choice.

Benefits of Personalized Candy Gifts

By offering ordinary sweets to visitors at the reception or meeting room, you promote the confectionery brand, not your company. A significantly advantageous option will be when visitors see in a vase not just ordinary sweets but sweets with the image of the company logo. A candy with logos printed on the wrapper is a means to promote your brand, strengthening customer loyalty.

With the help of corporate sweets, you can:

  • Surprise the customers and get their loyalty

  • Improve company image.

  • Show your hospitality.

  • Once again, remind your company clients and partners.

Bespoke Candy from the Stelvi Manufacturer

We at Stelvi know how to turn your ideas into reality by turning candies with a logo into a creative advertising solution. We are a private-label candy manufacturer and a reliable partner for many organizations, including restaurants and cafes, banks, investment and construction companies, non-profit structures and foundations, and state corporations. Many customers trust us to make custom souvenirs because we:

  • Carry out the order in the shortest possible time.

  • Produce sweets in various quantities — from 500 pieces and more.

  • Give the best price guarantee.

  • Make exclusive products of the highest quality.

  • Have an individual approach.

  • Deliver sweets to Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Great Britain, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands.

We guarantee the high quality of our products and constantly improve existing technologies based on the European experience of past years and the wishes of our customers.

If there is no product you like on the site, we propose to create your package by mixing different positions and tastes.


What is the minimum quantity of hard candies with logos I can order?

The minimum order quantity for hard candies, dragees, and lollipops is 500 pcs. You can check the MOQ in the product specification form.

Can we order hard candies with our logo so that the candies come in different colors?

Sure. When placing an order, choose the Fruit Mix from the taste options, which contains candies of different colors.

Do your hard candies come with fillings?

Most candies come with fillings, namely Juice, Citrus Mix, and Hard candy with logo positions.

Do you have a system of discounts for resellers?

We are glad to welcome new partners. You can register on the site as a partner, and we will send you detailed information on the terms of cooperation.