About company 

Stelvi Company was founded in compliance with all the legal requirements in 2019, however, the founders’ history in the field of sweet corporate chocolates production is much longer. Our company was founded with the purpose to extend the market for the top-quality business presents manufactured by the company founders at their local markets (in Estonia since 2012 year, and in Ukraine since 2010 year) and reach European clients.


Who can benefit of our products?

Simple and fast answer – any company or organization can be our client. One can use small promotional sweets with the company logo when serving coffee to guests in the office, at the hotel reception, or for distribution at an exhibition as a kind of business card, or simply to eat it getting a charge of energy! While bigger gifts (custom chocolate boxes and sets) can be used as gifts for employees, colleagues, and partners for various holidays or without any occasion as a sign of attention that increases loyalty towards your brand.

What do we produce?

The product range is composed of chocolates and chocolate bars of various size and weight. The most popular bars are the classical 5 gr personalised chocolate bars in individual packaging, representing your brand, of course.

The product range also offers a variety of sweets produced of chocolate or caramel, personalised boxes of chocolates (sets) or candies. All the products shall be branded in compliance with the wishes of the client.

Why Stelvi is the unique supplier of corporate chocolate gifts?

For many years our team has been developing its own technologies of chocolate, sweets, and their packaging production, in particular, for the market of personalised corporate chocolate gifts. Our technologies are unique in many respects and allow us to manufacture various lots of products, observing all the necessary requirements towards the quality and the appearance of the product. For example, we can manufacture 3 kg of caramel ensuring the same quality as for 300 kg of the same product. Therefore, we can satisfy any client, even if the latter places a small order.

We offer more than 300 types of corporate gifts
Unique full-cycle production machines for the best quality control
More than 15,000 projects completed in more than 10 years
Deliver all over Europe
Use only reliable carriers for delivering your order