More and more companies prefer to have chocolate with logo printed on a wrapper on hand. Sweet souvenirs create a touch point between the brand and the target audience: clients, employees, and business partners. This is the only present that gives genuine emotions and is universal in its use. Let's figure out corporate sweets' advantages and how to choose the items that best suit your brand.

Why Do You Need Branded Sweets in Your Company?

We all love to get gifts for no reason — it makes us feel needed and appreciated. Such interesting corporate gifts as sweets create powerful psychological motivation and tightly connect the brand with the audience.

A potential client is not only the person you gave a corporate gift to. He will happily eat and treat friends with personalised Christmas chocolate, pralines, or chocolate sets in branded boxes you gave. People will see the logo and receive positive emotions from tasting your branded sweets.

Edible souvenirs don’t belong to commercial advertising on TV or social networks that you can stop or swipe through. Corporate sweets bring benefits and emotions, so it’s worth betting big on such advertising.

Advantages of Using Your Brand on Corporate Chocolates

Corporate gifts can be the key to customer retention and brand loyalty. This is a simple and effective way to make users of your products and services satisfied and happy. You give corporate souvenirs and thereby say that you value and understand the client, and at the same time, establish a connection with him that motivates and involves interaction.

Today, private label chocolate gifts are a popular and effective marketing tool to help you achieve many business goals. They have many advantages. Here are the most obvious of them:

Enhancing the Company's Image

A company’s image does not appear by itself; you must work purposefully to develop it. In general, consumer trust in one or another brand relies on several indicators:

  • Quality products.

  • Comfortable communication.

  • Good brand reputation.

Sudden presents evoke pleasant emotions and form positive associations with the brand.

Brand Recognition

Creative logos, slogans, and other corporate identity elements on personalised chocolate bars gifts are quickly remembered due to frequent contact with the present. Thanks to the professional work of designers, you can demonstrate your individuality and desire to be original and, most importantly, increase brand recognition.

Branded products will give the brand distinctive features and favorably differentiate it from the rest. The perception of a familiar image works subconsciously, pushing for constant contact. A brand embodies the value of a product or service to the consumer.

Cheering Up

Everyone’s favorite treat, delicious chocolate in any form, can increase vitality and save you from depression. The modern sweets market has many genuinely high-quality and original products you can taste, enjoy, and treat your friends.


Souvenirs from partners and office management are doubly pleasant: they motivate outstanding achievements. When people feel their bosses or business partners remember and care about them, they become more willing to work well. The benefits for business are apparent.

Important to know! Any corporate gift should be helpful. Otherwise, it will not bring any effect other than irritation. This means that you need to take the choice of gifts seriously.

How to Use Chocolate Bars with Company Logo?

Branded sweets are a good advertising move that will increase the recognition of any organization. Thanks to this move, you can solve essential marketing problems in everyday work and implement promotions or advertising campaigns. Corporate candies can be gifts for business partners, visitors, and colleagues on holidays and original advertising media. Such products are the best prizes to play among buyers or give away for free when you order a huge batch.

The areas of use of such branded sweets are varied:

  • Product presentations and exhibitions.

  • Corporate events.

  • Business negotiations.

  • Official receptions.

In addition, the list of places for distributing sweet corporate gifts may include waiting rooms for various events and organizations. This contributes to the mass audience reach. Treating them with sweets inspires trust and increases loyalty to the company. Thus, you pay attention to each consumer.

Stelvi sweets are the best solution to declare your brand and activity. Our specialists carefully study clients' needs and the tasks' specificity. Thanks to our professional approach, we can create an attractive image of the manufacturer or its products.

How to Choose the Shape and Design of Corporate Chocolates?

Chocolate with logo on wrapper is the best business card for your company. This is an essential indicator of care for customers and a successful marketing decision. Bright and beautiful packaging immediately attracts attention. If the box has a meaningful, original design, it works great for memorization.

To order corporate products, you need:

  • Choose a product.

  • Agree on the design layout.

  • Indicate the order volume. The price of a single product decreases with the size of the wholesale order.

You can choose any chocolate product from our catalog and customize it with a logo, a company QR code, greeting words, and any advertising offer. Chocolate sets can be of different sizes and contents — from small squares to big candy boxes and tubes, depending on your purpose and budget. That's where you should start with!

Variety of Corporate Sweets

Stelvi produces chocolate bars with company logo to make them a fundamental tool for promoting your business. Thanks to the unique idea and taste of the product, you will be able to gain a positive mood even during negotiations when you unintentionally offer your partners to try branded sweets. It’s just chocolate for tea or coffee for your guests and a creative way of advertising for you.

Small One-Bite Chocolates

Small squares of delicious chocolate are perfect as a compliment to both clients and employees. They can be handed out at exhibitions and presentations or displayed in bulk in a reception or meeting room. It is a convenient format and lighter weight than full-size chocolate bars, with high-quality packaging with a logo and several tastes.

Large Chocolate Bars with a Logo

Premium quality chocolate is made of highly excellent ingredients and impresses with its incredible taste and color. Milk and vanillin give it a unique creamy taste. Such a gift can be presented as a compliment, encouragement, or in addition to a present.

Boxes of Candies and Chocolate Sets

Wholesale candies with your logo are a win-win way to attract potential customers and new partners and increase brand awareness. There are many ways to use them:

  • Delivering a beautiful box to a new partner you will cooperate with. After such a sweet presentation, the chances of a profitable agreement will increase significantly.

  • To strengthen the corporate spirit, sweets with a logo are perfect for employees in honor of primary and professional holidays.

  • A gift for a large wholesale client or regular partner who will happily continue cooperating after a tasty treat.

Nuts and Berries in Chocolate

Delicious candies, nuts, and dried fruits in chocolate with branded symbols on the packaging melt in the mouth. By the way, such a valuable and sweet addition to a main gift can easily be decorated with the company logo and even presented separately as a thank you or encouragement to employees.

Almonds, hazelnuts in milk, and dark chocolate are excellent conference handout materials, even better than mint gum or a dragee. Everyone eats nuts, even people who watch their diet. Choose a nut and preferred chocolate taste and clarify the order details with the manager.

Advent Calendars

A chocolate advent calendar is a delightful and unique holiday gift that will please everyone and help avoid the hustle and bustle of these already busy days. Our selection of branded Advent calendars might be the ideal choice for your winter marketing strategies. For maximum brand exposure before Christmas, all products can be fully colored and printed with your logo or design.

Hard Candies in Individual Packaging

Wholesale made-to-order hard candies and lollipops with a logo are excellent carriers of advertising information. They are indispensable at any event with large crowds of people – exhibitions, presentations, forums, etc. They are usually left as a treat for a visit or while waiting at the reception in hotels, reception areas, administrations, etc.

You can find a large number of sweet gifts in our store. We deliver throughout Europe and are happy to welcome you to our delicious chocolate world!

Final Thoughts

Considering that the concept of “corporate style” has existed for a long time, many companies have already managed to donate their branded T-shirts and pens. Nobody wants to receive the same presents every year, but holidays follow one after another, and you have to buy various useless trinkets for clients and partners.

Chocolate with a custom logo is the only appropriate gift every year. It is enough to change the type of chocolate or wrapping color — every recipient will welcome the gift. Or you can even create your corporate tradition and give delicious chocolate with your logo to all clients and partners yearly.