Every self-respecting company observes traditions and sends gifts to its business partners and employees on corporate Christmas Day as a thank-you for their fruitful work. Original Christmas sweet gifts can make you stand out in the eyes of your partners, among many other companies, and win staff loyalty.

Everyone is tired of receiving standard T-shirts and pens with the company logo as gifts. It's time for creative ideas! And what could be nicer than sweets on Christmas — the sweetest holiday of the year?

TOP Ideas for Corporate Gifts for Christmas

How do you win over business partners or even employees? There are many options. Giving a corporate gift is one of the most successful and appropriate ideas. Christmas is an excellent reason for the office to unite and have fun. A corporate gift will be a kind of advertising for the company since the company will be mentioned in its packaging.

Desk Accessories — Universal Gift

Keeping things we need to have nearby in order is the first step in creating an inspiring working environment. Your staff will be glad to have one of the numerous desk accessories, such as an upright pencil holder, stackable paper bins, and hanging file boxes. You can purchase a desktop set or just one of the organizing accessories.

Books — Smart Gift

Many people choose the book as a gift for partners or employees. It will be great if the book's topic matches employees' interests. For example, you could give a cookbook to a personal assistant who raves about cooking shows.

Employee Mug — Useful Reminder

Mugs are good gifts, especially if they have inscriptions like Awesome Employee or Coworkers - like Christmas lights, they all hang together. You can enjoy your mug every morning! There are lots of selections, too.

This gift is always helpful and always at hand. It will be great if your employees can use cell phone stands at work. However, such a universal thing can be taken home and used there.

Paper Diary — Old-Fashioned Gift

Thanks to this diary, your employees or partners can keep track of important matters without missing a single detail. You can add words of congratulations and wishes.

Sweets — Delicious Gift

The period between Thanksgiving and New Year is the sweetest and filled with candies. Everyone loves sweets. Mini chocolates, boxes of chocolates, holiday sets — even for those who don’t eat chocolate, you can present custom gum packs. These all symbolize the winter holidays and add sweetness to corporate parties.

We at Stelvi have developed unique sweets for Christmas gifts, fragrant, sweet, delicate treats made from high-quality ingredients to remind everyone that Christmas is approaching — the time for cocoa and chocolates, hearty wishes, and warm hugs.

How to Diversify Christmas with Corporate Gifts?

How do you plan to reward your office staff at your Christmas party? Of course, you can please them with additional bonuses or unscheduled days off, but a more versatile and pleasant option is always suitable for any business and budget.

Check out our tips on how to bring a festive mood to your office before Christmas:

  • It is well-known that the Christmas holidays are best spent with family and friends. Of course, the office staff is also a family, and you are an outstanding leader if your employees feel homey at work. But still, encourage your employees to go home early, primarily if they have worked hard and often need this luxury.

  • Take care of Christmas sweets for gifts. In addition to ordering pudding, chips, and other traditional treats for the party, please provide the staff with a box of chocolates or postal cards with sweets inside. Don't forget about the corporate style — write beautiful words and the company logo on the box.

  • Invite your employees for a drink after work. This option can be considered as an alternative to an office party. In this case, you can invite employees with their husbands and wives and have a lot of fun.

  • Think about office decoration. The Christmas spirit may come to your company with Santa, toys, and lights. Decorations will cost little, and you can reuse them next year.

  • Allow employees to dress more casually in the run-up to Christmas, or better yet, have a competition for the ugliest Christmas sweater.

Of course, Christmas gatherings happen once a year. Why not make a little effort to prepare a small program, traditional treats, and corporate sweet gifts to unite the team and create a feeling of celebration and a winter fairy tale?

What Should a Good Corporate Gift Be?

Choosing a corporate gift involves answering several questions:

  • Who are you going to award with a gift?

  • What problem does the gift solve?

  • Is this a batch or an exclusive?

Let’s talk about what the ideal corporate gift should be.

The goal of a corporate gift is to please people and not end up in the trash bin. With the development of the design industry, inventing something new is not difficult, and original personalised chocolate gifts work effectively for the company’s image. Such a present gives more valuable options to the giver:

  • Maintain a positive attitude.

  • Have a positive effect on the company's recognition.

  • Convey emotions and the desired message.

What about the packaging? Gift packaging is its calling card. It must be presentable and worth the price. An expensive gift must be packaged in a branded box or packaged originally.

The Most Popular Gifts for Employees at Christmas

When choosing a gift for employees at Christmas, you want everyone to like it. In this case, the choice falls on chocolate and a good drink that matches the first. If you wish to exclude alcohol from your gift list, you can choose traditional premium Christmas sweets, honey, chocolate, nougat, sweet nuts, and berries.

The best gift for your company's holiday is private label chocolate. As a rule, companies order only expensive natural chocolate because you need to maintain your brand even in gifts and live up to your reputation. Often, companies order branded candy wrappers with a logo and appropriate color. They can feature customer company logos and happy holiday wishes printed on them.

This design of naps and candies promotes subconscious team unity and evokes pride in your company. In this place, employees work even more responsibly and fruitfully.

Sweet Christmas Gifts for Business Colleagues

You can create a festive atmosphere and be transported into fairy tales by preparing small but delicious gifts for your colleagues and business partners. It may be a thank-you for work or sincere wishes for happiness and success in the coming year. Christmas candy gifts are a sure way to put a smile on the face of the recipient of the gift and bring the atmosphere of Christmas closer.

For a sweet present for colleagues, the following options are best suited:

  • Chocolate of different types — delicious chocolate in any form can increase vitality and save you from depression. In the modern sweets market, there are many genuinely original tastes of chocolate.

  • Truffles — a divine combination of chocolate, cream, and cocoa. A dessert with a soft filling coated with cocoa powder has a delicate taste and a pleasant aftertaste.

  • Berries or nuts in chocolate — a gift set of berries, nuts, and fruits in yogurt and chocolate allows you to diversify your holiday tea party + bright packaging tube.

  • Sets of chocolates + tea or coffee — a delightful, sweet, and tasty gift made of various sweets, plus beautifully decorated aromatic tea or coffee packaging.

  • Fragrant orange slices in chocolate glaze — a Christmas delicacy made from natural ingredients, tropical fruits' authentic taste, and freshness under high-quality dark chocolate.

  • Christmas advent calendars with many windows, each with a delicious chocolate bar. Adult sweet tooth lovers will love it!

Or you can collect several sweets in a Christmas gift basket — this is the most stylish, festive, and original present for such an important day. It conveys the holiday spirit better than any other present, giving bright and unforgettable emotions to its recipients.

We will help you process your design layout for free and complement each order with beautiful congratulations that will delight every recipient. Show care and creativity when choosing Christmas gift boxes for sweets, and your relationship with your partner will grow.

Final Thoughts

Treat your colleagues and employees with our impressive corporate Christmas sweets. The catalog contains a variety of treats — perfect Christmas gift ideas to thank partners for their excellent work and sincerely wish them a Merry Christmas.

Let us help you create a real pre-Christmas miracle! With the help of our lovely gifts, you do something nice for people who are essential as employees, partners, and colleagues.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!