Holidays are the best time to express love to other people. It’s not surprising that many global brands use Valentine's Day to increase sales. For this purpose they order greeting cards, chocolate with a logo and everything else that symbolizes love and care.

For decades, chocolate has been on the top of the most received gifts for February 14th. While other companies are doing the same ad for the fifth time, you can use one of these marketing ideas.

  • Chocolate wrappers with different love stories. Encourage your audience to share their own love stories and use them for a limited edition wrap. “Love is…” chewing gum, known all over the world, is a good example of the success of this idea. Connect it with your brand’s product to increase sales.

  • Mini chocolates as free flyers or business cards. Place your brand's symbol or name on the wrapper and add a little romance. Bring in a creative team or use something classic like hearts, kisses and couples in love. Or print the same slogan as in your Valentine's Day ad. Anyway, the taste of true chocolate will do the trick.

  • Place the special discount code inside the wrapper. This is an effective way to increase sales during the holidays. Add this chocolate to customers' orders before February 14th to motivate them to buy again.

Features Valentine's Day as an ideal time for brand promotion

Winter holidays are the best time for collaboration with other brands. If the profile of your company has nothing to do with romance, cooperate with those who specialize in this. Especially popular places on February 14th are restaurants, pastry shops, cinemas. Add some Valentine's Day chocolate with your logo to each receipt or cup of popcorn. This will be an easy reminder of your brand to potential customers.

It seems to many that this holiday is only for couples. In fact, it involves everyone — we all have feelings for someone. Parents, brothers, sisters, children, friends, pets — everyone deserves love on this day. So why not use it to your company's advantage?

Food for thought: In 2021-2022 alone, Americans spent nearly $50 billion on Valentine's Day shopping. This year's trend is inclined to growth, and the same is expected for 2024. There is no doubt that you are also interested in increasing sales during this period. Think of new marketing ideas for Valentine's Day early, because the stakes are high.

Trends in chocolate design for Valentine's Day

Chocolate has been considered a traditional and common gift for Valentine's Day. Sweets are sure to be appreciated by anyone, whether it's a gift for your partner, close friends, members of the family or a customer. But what are the current trends in the chocolate industry? Let's consider them using the example of the world's largest brands in this field.

  • Hearts. The most popular shape for chocolate candies of all time. Every year, tons of heart-shaped boxes with heart-shaped candies fill store shelves. From Cadbury to Milka, the idea of packaging design is constantly repeated — a huge valentine card on the front with a love-themed slogan. The red color contrasts with the main colors of the manufacturer's company. This scheme option is most suitable for a universal gift.

If you have little time and lack of creative ideas, use this classic style design.

  • Flowers. Not as common as the previous idea, but also a good choice. Flowers can decorate the wrapper, or be made of chocolate. This style is more aimed at a female audience. If your brand is closely related to women's products, then this is your option. A floral ornament or sweets of this shape is an unbeatable classic. In addition, it can be combined with modern trends.

For example, it is now relevant to add a crumb of dried berries with rose petals to chocolate gifts for 14th of February. Such beauty should be packed in a transparent wrapper so that everyone can admire it.

  • Colors. Usually, the expression "chocolate shade" means brown color, but not for Valentine's Day. This time you can see pink, red and even yellow candies. Don't be afraid to make chocolate in the colors of your own brand - this is a bold step to increase recognition among customers. Even such world-famous chocolate manufacturers as Lindt and Hershey's give up their usual recipes for the sake of pink-red hearts.

We have listed the most popular variations for chocolate design. Do not forget about nuts in chocolate, jelly Gummy bears or lollipops. If you want to stand out from the competition, you should be a little creative.

How to create unique flavour compositions for holiday collections

New flavours in the world of sweets are not released so often. Manufacturers have realized that they are in the greatest demand and rarely change the recipe of popular products. But what about newcomers? Some of them combine chocolate with various fillings, which successfully distinguishes them on the world market. Let's look at the most popular and unique flavor combinations among different brands of chocolate.

  • Peanut butter — an incredible find for those who are tired of the usual filling in candies. The combination of salty peanut paste with sweet chocolate caused incredible delight among Americans. Therefore, in Europe, too, you can find sweets with this flavour more and more often. Every year Reese’s release candies of various shapes with this filling and hit the bottoms of our hearts.

  • Matcha. This taste came to us from Asia and is gradually finding its fans. The delicate taste of young green tea is perfectly combined with white chocolate. Credit to whoever came up with this combination.

  • Chili pepper with dark chocolate — an unexpectedly successful combination. The bitterness combined with spiciness gives a unique result.

New flavor combinations in candies always find their fans. To create a completely new combination, you need to spend a lot of time and involve specialists, confectioners, marketers. But in order to surprise customers, it is enough to take as a basis those flavors that are still little known. Combine, taste, look for your special taste, because even caramel was not invented immediately.

Why chocolate is the perfect symbol of love and attention

Chocolate has been a sign of love, affection and respect for several centuries. In addition to being a mild aphrodisiac, it improves mood and brings pleasure. Among all sweets, cocoa products are the most popular. Almost everyone likes the taste of chocolate, both milk and dark. This product is universal — it can be given to a loved one, colleague or even children.

Candies or chocolate bars — the number of types and variations, fillings and decorations is difficult to name. Learn more about the person to whom you are going to make a present. Let your good choice of sweets be a proof of your attention and care.

Co-operation with chocolate manufacturers and workshops

To order high quality branded chocolate for Valentine’s Day, contact us. After all, we have been working on creating the most delicious sweets for more than 10 years. Our company produces chocolate that is especially well-suited for February 14th, as for any other occasions. Here are some advantages of cooperation with our company:

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Quality, rich taste, traditional recipes and trendy design are what distinguish us on the global market. We are always open to cooperation with other brands and product makers from various industries. More than 15,000 customers have already seen the great results of our cooperation. Contact us and see for yourself the effectiveness of our cooperation.